We loved getting to work with this particular family on their home. This master is bright and simple but really feels calm and serene. With transitional furniture and art elements, this room came together beautifully. The color on the walls was already in the home before we did any design work. We loved the pretty blue hue so we decided to work around it. The clients wanted solid wood, very sustainable furniture that would last for many years. We choose a classic design with a darker color to help anchor the room and be able to transition from one décor style to the next. Throughout the clients’ home, we used several pieces of art that reflect nature. Landscape and nature-driven art adds a calming element to a space. This particular piece fit the room perfectly!

To keep the room simple and free of clutter we chose minimal accessories. Bedroom spaces feel more relaxed and comfortable without clutter. Since the other art in the room was nature-inspired, we chose to flank the large window with groups of abstract art that helped tie in the colors of the walls and the bedding. These pieces came in a set of nine so we separated them into groups of three and placed them around the room to tie it all together.