Charity Home Makeover 2016

-Story and video provided by WLKY-

A Louisville design firm is making the holidays a little bit brighter for one local family.

Lisa Lynn Designs unveiled a newly renovated home on Sterling Road Thursday.

It was a pretty special day for the family, especially their young son, who’s living with a rare genetic disorder.

The family’s neighbors lined up along the street to see it the big reveal.

“The vision was something that we wanted to be a beautiful pallet but yet an open space and also to have that warmth to make them feel cozy and at home,” Lisa knight, of Lisa Lynn Designs, said. “This is the home of a young family that has a special needs child, the home was not conducive whatsoever to the child’s needs,”

Partnering with the Molly Johnson Foundation, Kimble Construction and Don Johnson Construction, the team did about $200,000 worth of renovations and upgrades to the house.

This is the 10th home makeover by Lisa Lynn Designs. She said they do this every year and they’re always looking to the community for help.

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Tour of Remodeled Homes 2016

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