Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bath or bar, there’s a lot to consider when planning a design. The first thing people tend to notice when they walk into a kitchen are the countertops. It instantly sets the mood of the space and gives off a particular ambiance. It’s a large focal point and it sets the stage for the overall feeling on the kitchen. So, how do you go about choosing a countertop? From the style, to the edge profile, to the material, there are so many things to consider. At Lisa Lynn Designs, we pride ourselves on being Louisville’s premier Cambria/quartz dealer. While we can offer other materials such as granite, Silestone, soapstone, and more, we highly recommend and stand behind Cambria countertops over any other solid surface.

Quartz is one of the most common minerals found on earth. Cambria products are all 93 percent pure quartz. What this means is that a quartz is going to be a more substantial surface choice. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, quartz is rated at a seven (a diamond is 10) which is why quartz is the most scratch resistant and durable product for kitchen countertops. Other materials such as granite and marble are much more soft and porous, made from materials that are weaker than quartz, which means that those other materials are more susceptible to staining, scratching and even absorbing harmful bacteria.

Of course with many things in the home, there always seems to be upkeep. However, quartz is a surface that never needs to be re-sealed, polished or re-conditioned and is easily cleaned with just soap and water, making the maintenance much easier¬¬- which is something every homeowner loves to hear.

Aside from the fundamental facts, Cambria quartz is a quality product that you can actually see. The clarity and dimension in their designs is one of the main reasons our clients choose Cambria quartz when it comes to their kitchen, bath or bar. The difference between Cambria and other brands is that Cambria uses all white quartz when producing their different colors/ collections. This creates depth, clarity, and sparkle that you often times do not see in other quartz products that start with a base of colored quartz. This is why other quartz products have a milky or filmy appearance. Regardless of your style, finding the right countertop to fit your space is key when remodeling. We offer over 120 large samples of Cambria quartz in our showroom including examples of all 19 edge profiles. Take a look here for some more countertop inspiration.

Here is an example of a waterfall edge which this client has in both their kitchen and wet bar. This look makes a gorgeous statement and more contemporary style! It also helps to give a space a clean, striking appearance.

To minimize the appearance of corner seams, especially with high-movement designs, Cambria prefers to fabricate using a European seam. The European seam curves where the two edges come together, making the seam less visible.

Stop by our showroom or contact us to talk to a designer about our selection of Cambria countertops!