When it comes to the home, you don’t always have to undergo a complete remodel to freshen up your space. While some rooms of the home may need the whole nine yards, here are a few simple tips to help update your kitchen without the budget-breaking overhaul.

First, add a fresh layer of paint. Want to make your space look larger and brighter? Opt for a cooler, calming shade of paint. Right now we are seeing lots of pale blues, grays and taupes in the kitchen which gives the space a relaxed, yet welcoming feel. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home and where homeowners spend most of their time, you want it to give off a cozy and comfortable vibe. Here are some paint colors we’re loving in the kitchen we are currently working on.

Next, add a backsplash. If your home doesn’t already have a tiled backsplash, try adding something simple up the walls to give it more personality and bring the space together. While many people choose something simple and clean like a light-colored subway tile, something fun and colorful can also help brighten up the space. Here are some examples of tiles we’re loving for backsplashes.

Another way to upgrade your kitchen is to add window treatments. Kitchens tend to have hard lines and surfaces thus adding fabrics can bring in warmth and softness. By adding a simple roman shade or valance over the window in your kitchen you can easily bring the space together. If your color palette is neutral, this is a good way to add color and charm. Here are some other styles of window treatments for a kitchen window.

Change your hardware. Look at the current knobs, handles and faucets in your kitchen. If yours seem a little too outdated, try swapping them out for something that is more current and fresh. Updating the space with even the small things helps to keep the space looking modern and timeless.

Lastly, update your light fixtures. Whether it’s pendants over the island or something larger, think about the feel you wish to get across in your kitchen. Choose lighting with care though, it gets a lot more attention than many might think. Make sure it fits with the size of the room and provides enough light to the space if it is lacking natural light. Lighting can be the jewelry of your kitchen.

For more great ideas, contact a member of the LLD staff! Leave us a comment below on things you might be struggling with in creating the space you want in your kitchen for further tips and tricks!